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The world's fastest flash


Pro 10 Dual

The Profoto Pro-10 is the perfect fusion of breathtaking speed and incredible power. Freeze a moment perfectly at 1/80,000 of a second, experience record-breaking recycling time and the sort of power that generates enormous light output in the blink of an eye.

Some of the highlights of the Pro-10 are:

•  Impressive Power
2400Ws of power that delivers impressive light output with a shorter flash duration than any other flash across the entire power range.

•  Shoot in Bursts
With the Pro-10 you can shoot up to 50 flashes per second. That’s fast enough to match the fastest cameras even at higher light output.

•  Extreme Precision
The Pro-10 has a wide power range of 11 f-stops, that’s 2.4 to 2400Ws, adjustable in 1/10 f-stop increments and fully asymmetric 0-100% on both outlets. This gives you full control to shoot with power and precision.

Sleek Design
The Pro-10’s sleek and straightforward design and intuitive interface means you can forget about the flash and focus on the light to capture the perfect image.

Hardworking and Robust
Built to shoot in high volume and pressure tested in the most severe environments.

•  Built-in Compatibility
Ready to work with the Profoto Air Remote including TTL-C for Canon, TTL-N for Nikon and the new TTL-S for Sony

Speed and power is the perfect marriage in the Profoto Pro-10 as you can now freeze faster (up to 200% shorter flash duration) while benefitting from 2-stops more light output.

Technical Data

Profoto Pro-10   Specs-At-A-Glance
Power   2400Ws
Recycle time   0.02 - 0.7 seconds - Quick burst up to 50 flashes per second
Heads   2
Duration (t0.5) min/max power   Normal: 1/12,000 - 1/800 sec
  Freeze: 1/80,000 - 1/1000 sec
Flash Variability   2.4 to 2400Ws over an 11-stop range in 1/10 or 1/1 step increments
Built-in Slave Cell   IR/Slave photocell
  Built-in AirTTL Receiver
  Integrates with other AirTTL flashes such as B1, B2, and D2. Intergrates with TTL-C, N, S.
Dimensions   11.4 x 8.3 x 11.8" (29 x 21 x 30 cm)
Weight   29.8 lb (13.2 kg)
Voltage   100 - 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz




You are here: Home Profoto News Pro-10