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End of Life Credo 22


Special Announcement for Mamiya / Leaf Owners


End of Life notification for Valeo, Aptus and Aptus S digital camera backs.
After the 31st of July 2016 Mamiya-Leaf will no longer offer service for Valeo, Aptus and Aptus S series backs. Any service requests have to be made before this date.

After the above-mentioned date it will still be possible to download software, manuals and get limited technical support for the products, however Mamiya-Leaf can not offer service for above mentioned products.

Typically manufacturers will announce an End of Life (EOL) based on third party suppliers of technology (sensors, electronic parts, etc.) and give notice to their end-users so they may prepare to get any last minute repairs, check-ups, update firmware or whatever.

If you are a current owner of a Valeo, Aptus or Aptus S digital camera back and deem necessary any repairs, check-ups, updates or whatever, please contact ProGear as soon as possible so we can assist with getting your system to the repair department.

Lastly, to help combat the EOL process, ProGear is offering some exceptionally forgiving deals on upgrades to both Leaf and Phase digital camera backs.  Please contact ProGear at either 312-376-3770 or email doug@progearrental.com.

Complete list of affected digital camera backs is the following:

• Valeo 17
• Valeo 22
• Valeo 17wi
• Valeo 22wi
• Aptus 17
• Aptus 22
• Aptus 65
• Aptus 75
• Aptus 54S
• Aptus 65S
• Aptus 75S
• AFI 5
• AFI 6
• AFI 7

Note that above announcement does not affect service and support for Aptus-II/Mamiya DM and AFI-II generation camera backs.

You are here: Home Mamiya / Leaf End of Life