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 XF-100MP profile


The Phase One XF 100MP Camera System

The Ultimate Camera System with the Ultimate Image Quality


Phase One launches the XF 100MP Camera System featuring a 100 mega-pixel, full frame CMOS sensor which offers the same great advantages of full frame usability with the added benefits of CMOS. No lens crop factors, no focus screen masks, just uncompromised image quality from edge to edge.

Photographers have always demanded certain features in their capture systems and this has them all:  High Resolution, High Dynamic Range, High Bit Depth, Color Perfection, Long Exposure Capability, Low Noise through the ISO Range from 50-12,800 and Full Frame Sensor.  Take a look at the descriptions and files below and for a truly h-res look, you can download the sample Hi-Res TIFF files (all rights remain with the photographer and may not be reproduced in any way, shape or form).


High Resolution

At 100MP, there are 8708 x 11608 active "pixels" being used to generate a final 29.03"  x 38.69" image (RGB, 8-bit, TIFF).  This allows the photographer to either close in on their subject for extremely large reproduction size output or pull away from their subject thereby helping depth of field while maintaining plenty of resloution should they have to crop their image.


© Drew Altdoerffer

High Dynamic Range

The Phase One XF 100MP Camera System delivers an unparalleled 15 stops of dynamic range, retaining unmatched detail in both highlights and shadows. This is the highest performing system in terms of dynamic range that the Medium Format world has to offer.


© Peter Eastway


High Bit Depth

With the introduction of 16- bit Color Depth, coupled with CMOS ISO flexibility, the XF 100MP delivers a natural texture and tonal feel never before seen in digital camera system.


 Alexander Flemming

© Alexander Flemming


Color Perfection

The first CMOS based Medium Format system capable of capturing and processing full 16-bit color, the Phase One XF 100MP processes full color depth throughout the entire imaging pipeline. The result is a CMOS system that can deliver colors just as the previous leader in image quality, our exclusive Phase One CCD based counterparts. Not only does the XF 100MP Camera System capture the full color depth data, but the captured colors are optimized in-house by Phase One’s image professor Niels V. Knudsen and his team, ensuring the very best in image quality from Capture One software.

 Alexia 300

© Alexia Sinclair


 Low-Noise, High ISO

By combining new sensor technology and years of experience in noise suppression through Capture One software, the Phase One XF 100MP ISO range delivers unparalleled creative freedom and performance in all shooting conditions. With a previously unthinkable base ISO of 50, the Phase One XF 100MP delivers the flexibility of longer exposures and unrestricted use of fast lenses, all while providing the cleanest possible results. Expanding on CMOS technology, the XF 100MP can offer higher ISO versatility and, with Capture One software, retain excellent noise suppression and file render.  Download the Hi-Res Compare ISO file.




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