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What's your shooting style?  Will you define the camera or will the camera define you?

The Canon C300 is Finally Here!!!





In order to appreciate this newest marvel you need to understand the thought process behind its technology.  The C300 is NOT a video camera and NOT a still camera.  The Canon C300 a truly a professional CINE camera where there are no automatic features (except for maybe a preset white balance) which gives you complete control of your shoot.  The design of the C300 camera was built around the Super 35 sized sensor and then improved upon the features borrowed from its existing cousin the XF305. 





Special thanks to Brian Schilling, www.schillingfilm.com as he got his hands on the Canon C300 and shared with us a short piece he shot.  Brian states, "The C300 was quite a pleasure to shoot with.  It happened quickly that the controls felt familiar, so I wasn't fumbling to make on-the-second creative decisions.  There was obviously a lot of input in the design of this camera.  It shows that Canon was listening by how customizable it is, both inside and out.  I really like that I was able to change the side grip to an angle that felt natural to my body.  It was important for us to be able to set a custom file name, and we were easily able to.  It now has timecode and shot metadata.  Canon has taken the best qualities of their DSLR lines and their Camcorder lines and made something that is quickly familiar, comfortable to use, and creates great images right out of the box.  I was able to get it through post-production with drivers I already had installed on my computer.  Overall, I'm very excited about this new camera, and I look forward to using it a lot more in the near future."


See comparisons of RAW and corrected footage and get his comments on using the camera. 





The sensor was designed with an intentional resolution of 3804 x 2160 for a true HD design and as a result can record at speeds of 50Mbps, 35Mbps or 25Mbs.  This design and speed will help minimize rolling shutter and with 8.3 million "pixels" at 6.4 microns also greatly reduces effects of moire' patterns inherent in other cameras. 


ef_lenses_on_c300__heroAlthough the Canon C300 is offered in both EF and PL mounts, ProGear has elected to work with our own existing gear.  We realize that a vast majority of our customer base already owns their own Canon EF lenses and we wanted to be able to provide a supplement.  A major benefit in using the EF lenses is to make use of Peripheral Illumination Correction as well as Image Stabilization in selected lenses.  In addition to the line of Canon lenses here at ProGear, keep in mind that also have the Zeiss CP2 lenses for such a camera.  The Zeiss focal lengths are 28mm, 35mm, 50mm and 85mm in EF mount.


No Proprietary Recording Media!!!

CF_card_slots__heroThe Canon C300 has dual CF card slots that allows for various recording styles.  You can use a single card in either Slot A or B, use two cards and implement Relay Recording (when A is filled, B then gets filled) or activate Double - Slot recording where data is being recorded to both cards (one is a back up, a.k.a "mirrored").

Because of the high volume of data coming through the pipline to the CF cards, it should be noted that there are certain manufacturers of cards along with speeds that Canon has officially "ok'd" based on performance tests.  A couple of manufacturers include the Sandisk Extreme and ExtremePro and Lexar Professional 300x and 600x series.  Please consult the manual for additional cards and speeds.  Typical specs are:


Recording Times:

Recording Options:

Based on Canon tested / approved Type I CF cards (NO Type II cards)

When set to NTSC recording the options are: 

CF Size 50 Mbs 35 Mbs 25 Mbs      Mode Resolution Frame Rate     
8GB 20 Mins 25 mins 40 mins   50 Mbs 1920 x 1080 59.94i, 29.97P, True 24P, 23.98P
16GB 40 Mins 55 Mins 80 Mins     1280 x 720 59.94P, 29.97P, Ture 24P, 23.98P
32GB 80 Mins 110 Mins 155 mins   35 Mbs 1920 x 1080 59.94i, 29.97P, 23.98P
64GB 160 Mins 225 Mins 310 Mins     1280 x 720 59.94P, 29.97P, 23.98P
          25 Mbs 1440 x 1080 59.94i, 29.97P, 23.98P


You are here: Home Canon Information Canon C300